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Feed Standard Interpretation

This document is intended to be supplementary to the standard and associated assurance documents and provides support to ASC Feed Standard applicants and certified mills in their process of implementing the standard. It has also been developed to help auditors ensure consistency and rigour in the interpretation and application of the ASC Feed Standard and thereby maintain consistency between sites, in combination with the ASC Assurance documentation.

The Interpretation Manual provides explanations, background information and interpretations of the Standard, as well as clarifying the intention of the Standard within the local context. It is not intended to be exhaustive and does not include all matters of interpretation or implementation that may arise, instead, it focuses on known and anticipated difficulties. It may be updated based on the experience and further learnings gained during the implementation of the Standard and associated documents. The Interpretation Manual does not add any new requirements to the Standard, but rather explains the general expectations of mills seeking or maintaining certification to the ASC Feed Standard. 

The Interpretation Manual will be updated periodically, based on any changes to ASC Requirements, audit insights and user feedback.

The Interpretation Manual is not a replacement for auditor knowledge, experience and training; it assumes that auditors are qualified professionals and have the necessary experience and knowledge regarding auditing techniques and necessary experience and knowledge regarding the sector/region to be audited.

As noted in the Standard and throughout this document, whenever a question of interpretation arises due to differences between national or local laws and regulation or collective bargaining agreements, and the ASC Feed Standard, users apply the provision that is strictest.